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My passion for baking started at the early age of ten.  When I started secondary school I joined cooking/baking after school classes where I learned to do other things apart from cakes. It was during secondary school where I would bake every single week on the weekends just for the fun of it. 

As I got older my skills improved and I started baking cakes for small family events and baked for my friends on their birthdays. Back then it was just a fun hobby that I loved.

When I started my first year of university people began to recognise my baking as a 'talent' not just a hobby,  Orders were coming through every week and ever since then its been nothing but positive feedback, my customers have never been disappointed. I love baking cakes, I love decorating and I love peoples reactions when they see their ideas brought to life.


There's so much more to do in the cake industry and I feel blessed to be apart of this. I'm still learning and I aspire for my business to grow and for my craft to be perfected even more so that I'm not limited in this profession. I cater for all events including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and much more!

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