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What People Say About Us

"The wedding cake looked and tasted amazing! Everyone who has had some has given nothing but positive feedback, I can’t get enough of it, got a fat piece all to myself! Lool Thank you once again Alice, you’re a star and I’ll always recommend you first"

"Thank you so much for the cake. Looked exactly how I imagined and it was huge! It tasted so so so good especially the vanilla tier. Yum yum yum. God bless the works of your hands"

"Thank you so much for my beautiful wedding cake, it was absolutely amazing and tasted too good. Thank you for your support and your service was absolutely amazing, best cake maker in London hands down!"

"The cake was amazing! It tasted really good but I don’t expect anything less from your cakes. My third cake from you and you never disappoint, everyone really loved both flavours and was shouting for more. Thank you so much, I loved absolutely everything"

"Thank you so much for doing our wedding cake, I really appreciate you! I got my dream cake, still can't get over how beautiful it looked, God bless you"

"Thank you so much for the cake. It was so pretty and tasted amazing"

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the cupcakes, they were so tasty and everyone loved them."

"Our wedding cake was absolutely amazing! It was so so beautiful, we loved it! All the tiers, all the flavours, all the decorations. Your hands are beyond blessed. May every cake you make be a blessing to others"

"Thanks so much for the cake and cupcakes it was lovely, you never disappoint."

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